Friday, March 20, 2020

Making the Leap/Revisions/China/Devo/Succulents

Skyhawk 2

1.  John Peregine posts at the Writers in The Storm blog about the leap from non-fiction to fiction. Having made that particular jump myself 15 years ago, I was interested to see what he had to say. While my reasons for the switch were different, his journey resonated with me.

2.  Kris Spisak posts at Jane Friedman's blog on looking for problem areas when revising your novel. One tantalizing tidbit: Don't let your characters only react to what's happening to them, but let them be actively engaged by making their own choices (my words).

3.  While it deals with the coronovirus epidemic, China's government is cracking down on poems Christians write to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Read about it here.

4.  Edie Melson, at The Write Conversation, talks about learning to thrive in the midst of chaos. Right now, that's a prime lesson for me.

5.  I'm fairly new to planting/tending succulents, but I'm loving it. With spring here, my craving to dig in the dirt is growing by the minute. This year, I want to try planting some outdoors, as well as indoors. Propagating plants is also attractive and saves money.

Kat, at The Succulent Eclectic, shares her favorite succulent tools. Since most of my gardening implements are the larger variety, I'm going to get these mini versions. Can't wait!

Writers:  Non-fiction writers have you ever considered writing a novel? Please share.

Readers:  What is your reading preference: fiction or non-fiction? Why?

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Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

Hope you are well Susan, thanks for your blog post. Thrive in the midst of chaos... something like Psalm 23 where God prepares a table in the presence of the enemy. Come, my child, dine with Me.