Friday, September 6, 2019

Isolation/Platform/Intelligent Design/Devo/Progress Report

1.  Frank McKinley, at the Positive Writer, talks about why writing in isolation is good for you. My own experience mirrored his. I get too distracted if the Internet, email, music, or other things are vying for my attention. Check it out. You may find a tip that makes your writing life more productive.

2.  Platform is one of those words writers love to hate. Publishers demand Social Media numbers most of us can only dream about. Lisa Hall-Wilson addresses how to build a platform on Facebook. She has a unique way of approaching the subject that I found helpful.

3. Christian Astrophysicist offers a brilliant reply to Richard Dawkins criticism of intelligent design. See the article on Faithwire. Home school people - you might find this valuable for your curriculum.

4.  Rhonda Rhea's devotional on The Write Conversation tells us about "Scratching Where It Itches." I'm sure that captured your attention. LOL! She uses humor to talk about a serious subject.

5.  You may recall that I've started a modest succulent collection. I'm not a great photographer, but the photo at the top of this post shows that I haven't killed any of them yet! My Jade plant is growing so fast that it will need a bigger pot soon. 

Can anyone identify the plants in the pictures below? I know one of them is  an  Echevieria (Sp?). There are so many varieties that I'm having a hard time locating their names. The one in front is so pretty with green leaves tipped in red.

Writers:  Please share some of your platform-building hacks.

Readers:  Are you a gardener/houseplant lover? What was your favorite project this summer?

Photo Credit:  Susan J. Reinhardt

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