Friday, February 22, 2019

Slide Presentations/Copyright Tips/Chick-fil-A/Devo/Amish Declutter Hacks

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1.  For those of you who not only write but also speak, Yvonne Ortega gives tips on how to use slides in your presentation.

2.  Susan Spann posted at Writer Unboxed regarding copyrights. While she called it, "Holiday Copyright Tips," the advice is good for any time of the year. Whether you're a writer, blogger, or just post on social media, this is a must read.

3.  Around Christmas, I was searching the gift card rack at my local grocery store for Chick-fil-A and couldn't find them. It's no secret that the fast-food company's values have made them a target of the politically correct segment of the population. WND reports it hasn't hurt them a bit. They have passed Wendy's and Taco Bell in popularity and are now number three in the rankings.

4.  Amy Carroll posted at Crosscards devotional site on the subject of prayer. When the Lord gave her "prayer" as her word for last year, she wondered how she'd ever fit hours on her knees into her busy schedule. See how the Lord led her and the joy she discovered.

5.  The new year stirs an urge in me to declutter. Maybe we can't do it all in one day, but we can spend five minutes a day. One of the suggestions is to start a no-clutter zone.

Writers:  What tips do you have for writers who also speak?

Readers:  Which link resonated with you this week? Please share.

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