Friday, July 21, 2017

Settings/Parallelism/Prayer/The Call/Glass Blowing

1.  Creating settings challenge me. When I saw this article at Writers in the Storm, I jumped on it. Tasha Seegmiller gives some excellent advice.

2.  Zoe M. McCarthy talks about Faulty Parallelism. Yes, that's a mouthful, but it's simple to fix.

3.  Breaking Christian Headlines ran an article on Science and Prayer by Dr. Don Colbert. Did you know that folks who pray for as little as 30 seconds a day, acknowledging God and giving thanks for their blessings see a powerful effect on their mind, body, and spirit?

4.  Lynn Simpson shares The Call on her life and relates it to Abraham. I especially liked the part about Abraham being 75 years old at the time God told him to leave his country and all he knew.

5.  A post at Colonial Quills caught my attention because my cousin is a glass artist. Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor shared, "The Art of Glass Blowing at the Jamestown Colony." If you're a history buff, you'll enjoy this fascinating story.

Writers:  What part of writing is difficult for you? Setting? Characterization? Dialogue or some other facet?

Readers:  What effects has prayer had on your physical body?

Photo Credit:  Wrhoana R.


quietspirit said...

Susan: I am learning that writing is not the hardest part of the phase. Someone else has said marketing is. I believe the proofing of a book is the most difficult. I could have had my book out by now, had I caught those errors I have found late in the game.

Lynn J Simpson said...

Thank you for the share Susan! The hardest part for me for writing is getting started. It's tied though with the editing process. Once I'm done, I don't really want to look at it anymore! With my last journal, I didn't even open up the final product for weeks! And then when I did, there were a couple of typos that are now fixed for the second printing.