Friday, November 11, 2016

Revisions/Suspense/3 Parents/ Devo/Fall Decor

1.  At one time or another, a novelist will face a stubborn revision. Janice Hardy guest posts at Writers in the Storm. She give five reasons why your revision isn't working.

2.  Donna H. L. Smith is doing a series on her blog about suspense in novels. It's beginner friendly for all the newbies out there. :)

3.  Christian Headlines reports on the first baby born with the DNA of three parents. They have no idea what long-term effects will occur. This child and others born in this manner will have to be followed, as well as their offspring. Scientists experimenting with our DNA brings to mind the whole Nazi eugenics disaster.

4.  Ceil Ryan, at Surrounded by the Spirit, talks about God's grace in her latest post.

5.  HGTV gives fall decorating ideas. The slideshow may help jumpstart your creativity as Thanksgiving approaches.

Writers:  What steps do you take when a manuscript is giving you problems? Please share.

Readers:  Do you put up decorations for the changing seasons? Please share some of your favorites with us.

Photo Credit:  Michael &Christa Richert

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