Friday, December 4, 2015

Marketing/Voting/Tiny Baby/Confidence/Devo

1.  Katherine Grubb guest posts on Chip about four no-fail ways to market your book and grow in confidence.

2.  With election season in full swing, U.S. voters are inundated with candidates seeking our support. Kathi Macias wrote an insightful blog post on the subject. I hope you'll check it out.

3.  Imagine giving birth to a baby at 25 weeks gestation. This little one was given no chance to survive, but she surprised everyone. The pictures are amazing. Read this heartwarming story of Naomi.

4. Gail Elaine Kittleson guest posts at The Write Conversation. She talks about finding the confidence to write.

5.  Dena Netherton wrote a devotional on Five Ways To Avoid Regret.

Writers:  How long did it take you to gain enough confidence to submit your work? Please share.

Readers:  Was there ever a time in your life where everyone declared there was no hope that a certain situation would turn out okay? Please share if you are able. I'll start. After my husband died, it looked like my job prospects were dim at best. Through much prayer and obedience to that still, small voice of the Lord, I eventually landed a great part-time position that went full-time two years later.

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