Friday, October 16, 2015

Real Life/Weed Words/Devo/Budget/Cats

1. LoRee Peery guest posts at Zoe M. McCarthy's blog. She shares about how she used her real-life experiences in writing her book. There are some great ideas here for writers and bloggers alike.

2. Are "weed words" creeping into your writing? Cyle Young guest posts at The Write Conversation.

3.  Dena Netherton writes about a new venture and Leaving the Results to God.

4.  FRC talks about the worries in Washington, D.C. about the impending budget crunch. Lobbyists are worried that any shutdown will have a negative impact on an already volatile market.

5.  Jeanette Levellie shares what she learned from her feline friends.

Writers:  What "weed words" trip you up?

Readers: If you've ever had a cat, what has it taught you?

Photo Credit:  Christoph Kurtzmann

1 comment:

Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

Thanks Susan, interesting blog post, especially the one about weed words... mine is probably 'very' and no doubt a few others. I'll keep my eyes open.
Happy weekend.