Friday, June 19, 2015

Protecting Computer/Write/Sweden/You Know You're.../Collections

1.  The Blogging Bistro gives important tips and links on how to protect your computer during a disaster. This is a post you'll want to mark as a Favorite.

2.  Henry McLaughlin guest posts at The Write Conversation. Have you ever heard the term, "Write what you know?" He turns the saying around to, "Know what you write." This article has some good storytelling basics.

3.  WND reports on a mandate in Sweden that could spread to other countries. Doctors and midwives would be required to perform abortions with no allowance for their conscience.

I've been around awhile and noticed something. When we compromise in one area, it emboldens those determined to promote evil to push for more.

4.  Jean Fischer, at Something To Write Home About, did a fun post, "You Know You're a Writer When..." Check it out and add your two cents in the comments.

5.  One of the delights of blogging is I can enjoy other people's collections. Martha, at Martha's Favorites, shares some her teacups. Would you believe she's on #273???

Writers:  Complete this sentence: "You know you're a writer..."

Readers:  What kind of collectibles do you enjoying looking at on the Internet? Do they ever inspire you to become a collector?

Photo Credit:  Susan J. Reinhardt


Jean Fischer said...

Thanks for the link, Susan!

quietspirit said...

Susan: I know I am a writer when I get upset when I see misspelled words and punctuation errors in public and when I find them in our daily newspaper.