Friday, March 6, 2015

Beta Readers/Free Writing/Word Usage

1.  Have you ever been asked to be a Beta reader by an author? Getting an advanced look at a manuscript is exciting, but carries with it a responsibility. Cindy Sproles guest posts at The Write Conversation and gives Beta readers some guidance on what to look for in an Advanced Reader Copy.

2.  Bryan Collins guest posted at Positive Writer. I loved this article! I could see many similarities in his free writing and my Seat-of-the-Pants method. It's a great way to break through writer's block or as a warm-up for your "real" writing.

3.  It gets me a little crazy when I see words misused. One of the words I see people mangle is "pique." Shanan, at The Procrastiwriter, demystifies this word and sets everyone straight on its usage.

Writers:  Have you experimented with free writing? Please share.

Readers: Have you ever been asked to be an author's Beta reader? Did you make notes on what you liked, typos, things that confused you, etc.? Please share your experience.

Have a blessed weekend!

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Terri Tiffany said...

Thanks Susan. I'm going to check out that beta reader info.