Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekend Internet Stew

No, I'm not going to give you recipes today. Instead, I've got an interesting mix of posts that taken together make for a well-rounded Internet Stew. As we say in Italian, "Mangia!" (Eat!)

1.  Carol Garvin, at Careann's Musings, talks about Facts or Fiction in writing a novel.

2.  Tony Perkins, at The Family Research Council, talks about focusing our eyes on the real threat.

3.  Amber Schamel guest posts at Michele Huey's God, Me, and a Cup of Tea. If you like devotionals, I think you'll find this one especially meaningful.

4.  Hillsdale College has online courses. I'm currently taking a free, not-for-credit course called, "The Presidency and the Constitution." If you're interested, you can contact them at

5.  One of the delights of Fall is the colorful display of "The Burning Bush." Susan, at Writing Straight From the Heart, shares her pictures of this feast for the eyes.

Writers/Readers: Have you ever taken an online course of any kind? Please share your experience.

Have a blessed weekend!

Photo Credit:  allergyfre

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Amber Lemus said...

Thanks for sharing about my devotional post, Susan!