Monday, May 26, 2014

A Piece of Cake

We Christians love our fellowship suppers, potlucks, and covered-dish dinners. Whatever we call them, there's always plenty of food and desserts.

People will often tell us what size portion they want, especially with sweets. Some want a "regular slice," while others watching their waistlines or tasting a dessert for the first time ask for "a sliver." If there's enough to go around, they might even come back for seconds.

The newbie writer will sample different genres - a sliver here and a sliver there. Just like the cake eater, they'll savor each one and decide if they want seconds.

Seasoned writers know what genre speaks to them. They sit at the computer and pound out words that express their passion. Authors are often labeled by the genre they write: Amish, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Christian Speculative Fiction, Sci-Fi, Women's Fiction, etc. They know what they like and ask for a "regular slice."

Each stage of a writer's life brings new experiences and challenges. Wherever you are in the process, whether as a writer or some other occupation, enjoy each moment.

Writers:  How did you discover your genre?

Readers:  Do you check out books that aren't your usual fare? I love to sample new genres as a reader.

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Karen Lange said...

I like this analogy. I prefer to read Christian historical fiction. I'm interested in sampling other genres but just don't always have time. Lately, especially, reading time has been scarce. As far as writing, I write primarily non fiction now, but am exploring with fiction (as you know!). :)