Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Round-Up

Time management frustrates me. There, I said it. Apparently, I'm not alone because bloggers are talking about the subject. Here are a couple of links to give you some ideas, as well as a how-to on creating pre-made Tweets.

1. The Recovering Church Lady shares her experience with having unlimited writing time and getting nothing done. Are you a procrastinator? This post is for you.

2. Have you ever seen those great pre-made Tweets in a blog post? Blogging Bistro gives directions on how to add these to your posts. I want to try this.

3.  I'm seeing discipline as a recurring theme as I'm skipping around blogs. Positive Writer has a guest post on the subject.

Writers and Readers: Do you find you're more productive when you're on a schedule? Please share.

Photo Credit: Shadowkill

1 comment:

Diane Estrella said...

I often wondered about how to out the tweets in posts. will have to check that out. Thanks!