Monday, November 4, 2013

Facebook Foibles

One of my favorite games as a youngster was monopoly, but I didn't like landing on the "Go to Jail" squares. Who would have thought that we'd encounter a virtual, "Go to Jail" square on Facebook?

Yeah, I've done several stints in the Facebook version of jail. Those innocent questions that pop up when you accept a friend can get someone into big trouble. You know the one I mean: Do you know this person outside of Facebook? Yes or No? Answering "No" can send someone straight to the slammer with no "Get Out of Jail Free" card available.

As authors and writers, we desire to connect with each other and our readers. Facebook puts up all sorts of suggestions for friends and then punishes you if you send a friend request to them.

I recently tried to send a message to an existing friend because she's doing an interview with me. I was banned because I was in Facebook prison and supposedly didn't know her outside of the site. If she's emailing me and on my blog, I know her outside of Facebook. We know many people on other social media sites.

I say, "It's time for Facebook to stop penalizing users for making friends." What do you say about the matter?

Photo Credit:  nicobec


Ruth Schiffmann said...

I never answer that question, just because I think it's a nuisance and none of FB's business, really. But I never thought about why they were asking. Yikes! I didn't know the "wrong" answer could get anyone in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I actually have not experienced going to 'jail' yet on facebook. As I now look into expanding my social network for business, I will need to become more aware of the control facebook exhibits. I understand privacy is important, however can see why you would be frustrated when it locks you out from connecting with people you have an established relationship with!

Karen Lange said...

While I think Facebook has its advantages, I also think it creates more problems sometimes than it's worth. Haven't ever been in FB jail, but I guess there's always a first time. I'm grateful that security measures are in place, but sometimes they seem to miss the mark.

Have a great week! :)

Robyn Campbell said...

AACK! Susan is in the slammer. (That's what I thought when I stopped by here.) :-) BLASTED FACEBOOK! I agree. It IS time for FB to stop punishing users.

{hugs} Have you heard about HeavenUp? It's a social network that does NOT put you in jail. Ha.My problem is I can't find any children's writers on it. *sigh*

Rhonda Schrock said...

I was in FB prison once. I know Jen has been terribly frustrated with it, too.

But it's free, you know...So I have to remember that when I feel cranky about changes and things. :)