Friday, March 1, 2013

On My Nightstand - Echoes by Kristen Heitzmann

Sofia Michelli knows she's been hiding from life. It's time to move from the cocoon provided by her Italian family and neighborhood to see if she can make some kind of future for herself.

In Sonoma, California, she finds the right balance of family and independence. Her brother, Lance, and his girlfriend, Rese, provide a place to stay. The Bed and Breakfast they started becomes a safety net for folks down on their luck.

Even though she meets social worker, Mark Hammond, the past still pulls at her heartstrings. When she gets a call for help, she returns to the old neighborhood to protect someone she thought was forever lost to her.

Will Sofia retreat into her dark past or move into the future built on love and hope?

This is the final installment in the 3-book series of the Michelli family. The cover proclaims that Echoes is "the captivating conclusion to Secrets and Unforgotten," and it fully lives up to those words. I couldn't wait to read this book, and felt both happy and sad...happy with the ending, but sad the series was finished.

Kristen is one of my go-to authors. I always know my reading experience will be satisfying.

Writers:  What kind of lessons do you glean from the works of other authors?

Readers:  What was the last book you read that made you want to run out and purchase everything an author has ever written?


Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

Oh Susan, that's always so sad if a book(series) is definitively finished, I don't like saying goodbye to characters :(
Have a good weekend!

Karen Lange said...

I agree with Marja, it's sad to say good bye to good characters! The most recent book that I read, The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen, made me want to run out and get more of her books. But I think I've read them all so far, so will have to be patient and wait for the next one! :)

Happy weekend,

Dorothy said...

I had that same experience with Siri Mitchell. I read Love's Pursuit and loved Siri's writing style so much, I bought everything else. She has a guaranteed reader in me for life.

PS - I love stories set in B&Bs or guest house. That's my current project. Story set in a guest house.

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,
Dotti :)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Marja - Yes, these characters became very real to me.

Hi Karen - Julie Klassen is a favorite of mine as well. I haven't read The Tutor's Daughter yet, but it's on my Wish List.

Hi Dotti - I'm looking forward to reading your book someday. :)