Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Author Interview - Mike Dellosso

Today, we extend a warm, Christian Writer/Reader welcome to author, Mike Dellosso. I met Mike via his blog and then at a book signing about a year ago.

1. Every author's journey to publication is unique. Would you share with us a brief description of your experience?

I started writing in response to the emotions I wrestled with after the almost-fatal motorcycle accident my brother-in-law suffered. Up until that time, I hated writing, but through that ordeal I discovered writing was a very liberating exercise. Long story short, I fell in love with it.

About four years later, I tried my hand at writing fiction and was hooked. In 2006, I attended the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference with a manuscript in hand and caught the attention of Kathryn Mackel, a wonderful novelist, whose books inspired me to write supernatural suspense. Kathy recommended me to an agent friend of hers, and a few months later, I signed a contract with him. Six months later, Realms Fiction offered me a contract for my first novel, "The Hunted."

Writer's conferences are a great way to network and get your name and work out there. Unfortunately, a lot of getting published is meeting and knowing the right people.

2. Mike, you write spine-tingling suspense. Where do you come up with your ideas for stories?

Ideas come from a variety of places: news stories I hear, urban legends and myths, real life events, and even dreams. Something will spark that creative fire in me, and I'll start to think about it, toss it around, and mull it over until a storyline developes. Then, I'll toy with a plot and throw in some twists and turns, get the basic, very broad outline in my mind before I start writing. From there, it's a free for all. I make things up on the fly.

3. Character development is another area of great interest. How do you write such life-like characters?

I put myself in the shoes of my characters. I'm really into why people do the things they do. Everyone has a story to tell, a background of information and experiences. I want the reader to connect with my characters so I have to make them as real as I can...flawed, scared, weak, victorious, hypocritical, whatever. Sometimes this causes problems with readers or critics because a character may seem inconsistent, but really, aren't we all inconsistent? No one acts a certain way all the time. Let's face it, we're all hypocrites sometimes. And we all act differently depending on the circumstances. I like my characters to show a level of humanness, of being real people. I hope that comes across in my writing.

4. What new projects do you have in the pipeline?

Ah yes. I'm currently working on my third novel, "Darlington," which is under a September 1st deadline. I'm writing furiously to get it done! It's a great story about a man dealing with inescapable grief and facing impossible odds. His search for his son leads him to a seemingly innocent, yet very backwards, town in Northern Maryland called, "Darlington." A town where fear has teeth.

Look for it next Spring or Summer.

Thanks for joining us today, Mike. We look forward to your new release.

Mike Dellosso is the author of supernatural suspense titles, "the Hunted, and "Scream." He lives in Hanover, PA with his wife and three daughters...and a black lab who follows him around everywhere.


Jessica Nelson said...

I've yet to read one of his books, but boy do I want to!!! Great interview guys.
Mike, your new book sounds very interesting and I like your take on characterization. I couldn't agree more. :-)

Thanks for doing the interview Susan!

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Thanks for bringing us this interview, Susan. And thanks Mike for sharing your experience with us! I got your book for my husband not too long ago, so I get to read it after he's done :D Have a great day!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Jess -

If you've ever read Kathryn Mackel's books, you'll like Mike's style. It's beyond chilling.

Susan :)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Cindy -

Great! Did you know both of Mike's books have gone into a second printing? I know you'll enjoy them.

Susan :)

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Great interview and his book looks fabulous! I will definitely put it on my wish list! I love how he said we are all hypocrites and that element shows a level of humanness. Yes! So true!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Sherrinda -

I also thought his comment about hypocrisy brought out a good point.

Have a great day!

Susan :)

Crystal Laine said...

I love supernatural suspense, fantasy and sci fi, so I am really interested in reading Mike's books. One of the first manuscripts I worked on as an editor/book doc was a fantasy,so it is a genre close to my heart.

Great questions, Susan! And I loved learning more about Mike Delloso.Thanks!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Crystal -

If you love supernatural suspense, you'll love Mike's books. There are several scenes from, "The Hunted," that I still think about.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


Terri Tiffany said...

I am reading his book now--that one. He is very good!!
Just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers daily:)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Terri -

I'm sure Mike will be happy to hear you're reading his book. The second one, "Scream," is on my Wish List. "Darlington" sounds tantalizing. That line about a town where fear has teeth...there's a hook if I ever heard one!

Thanks for your prayers. Tomorrow is my last day. Part of me still can't quite believe it.

Susan :)

Nancy said...

I like Mike's character discussion. If I were reading the book, I would appreciate a character who acts human - in many different ways. I don't care for Christian fiction where the main character (expecially if it's an old lady) is perfect.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Nancy -

I also received much food for thought about characters. No matter how much we love the Lord, we all have times when we blow it. Our characters need to reflect this reality.

There's an old book called, "Elsie Dinsmore," that I read as a child. She was the perfect little girl...and totally plastic.

Thanks for commenting.

Susan :)