Monday, August 11, 2008

He Watches Over Me - Part I

When I was growing up, "My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me," was a popular Christian song. During the Philadelphia conference, I witnessed my Heavenly Father take care of me down to the last detail.

My prayers concerning the conference included that all transportation matters would be resolved, that I'd find favor with God and man, and that the Lord would bring about divine connections with other people. Below is a sampling of the magnificent way He orchestrated the answers to my petitions.

Transportation - No problem -- or so I thought. I planned to commute via my car. A friend asked if she could ride along with me because she wasn't sure how to get there. I looked forward to spending time with her.

A problem with her leg caused her to re-think her plans. She would follow me in her car. This way, she could leave early or rest in the car if necessary.

Two days before the conference, my car was making noises. I don't like noises. A quick trip to the mechanic confirmed my brakes were on their way out. It was too close to the conference to have the repairs done, so an appointment was made for the following Tuesday (tomorrow). I prayed about the matter, and told the Lord I trusted Him to get me to the conference safely.

My friend arrived Thursday morning. My car was already packed and ready to go. When I greeted her, she asked me if I'd like to ride with her. She had no prior knowledge of my predicament. She had a navigator and I didn't have to drive my brake-challenged car.

Another benefit of this arrangement was unexpected. While I feel strong day-to-day, the conference is fast-paced. I was ready to drop by Thursday night. The drive would have taxed my strength even further.

Since my friend lives in Delaware, it made sense for her to go straight home from the conference. This meant I'd have to drive on Saturday. Friday at lunch, a woman sat at our table. We discovered she lives close to me. Arrangements were made, and I soon had a ride home for Saturday.

I'd like to tell you more about how the Lord blessed me during the conference, but this post is getting too long. Check out Part II on Wednesday.


Rose McCauley said...

Dear Susan, I enjoyed reading about how God took care o fyour needs coming and going to the GPCWC. I'll check back later on to read some of your other experiences.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Rose -

Thanks for stopping by. I have so much to share here, in my private email update, and in a possible review of the conference.

I'd like to approach all from different slants. Please pray the Lord will give me wisdom and direction on how to accomplish this.

Susan :)

Annie said...

What wonderful provision!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Annie -

The Lord is faithful. I'm trying to be sensitive to His direction. Often we look for lightning and thunder when He speaks in a still, small voice.