Friday, September 11, 2015

No Insults/Critique Groups/Blog/Vaccines/Sunrise

1.  Vonda Skelton posts at The Write Conversation and urges us not to dumb down our writing. It's tempting to explain what we mean, but it can be an insult to the reader's intelligence.

2.  Do you belong to a critique group? Zoe M. McCarthy gives some guidelines on 8 questions to ask as you start, alter, or join a critique group.

3.  Are you starting a blog or wanting to re-ignite your passion for blogging? Brian Hutchinson, at Positive Writer, gives simple tips on the subject.

4.  WND reports on a whistleblower's stunning claim that feds are hiding vaccine/autism link.

5.  Do you take time to appreciate a beautiful sunrise or sunset? Susan, at Writing Straight From the Heart, posted pictures of a recent sunrise and how it impacted her.

Writers:  If you belong to a critique group, how much time to you devote to it between meetings and going over manuscripts?

Readers:  If you're a blogger, where do you find your ideas for content?

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